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Everyday T

  • Machine wash cold on delicate or gentle cycle
  • Use all purpose detergent
  • DO NOT use fabric softener
    • When you use fabric softener, it prevents the fabric from using its' performance capabilities. If you already used fabric softener, no worries - simply wash again without fabric softener!
  • DO NOT bleach
  • Lay out horizontally to dry (preferred)
    • If you want to use a drying machine, put it on the lowest/coolest setting
  • DO NOT iron
  • DO NOT dry clean

Other notes:

  • If you use proper hygiene while wearing the shirt, you should be able to wear it several times without washing - it's not gross! 
    • If the shirt is wet from sweat, let it dry before throwing it in the hamper. 
  • Since we've used flat lock seams EVERYWHERE (prevents chaffing AND gives it the perfect fit), there's thread attaching your shirt in several spots - avoid scratching against Velcro or any other rough surface (like brick walls). This will help ensure your shirt lasts a very long time!