Our Story

This is the full story! Thank you for taking the time to read and understand why we exist.

We started an entertainment company back in college, and when we were hired, we commit to getting everyone on the dance floor. After every party, we asked our teams if they got their guests to dance, like it was a competition amongst us, and what we learned was not all parties were created equally; we needed to set a better level of expectation that truly reflected our work beyond the results of the dance floor by using factors within our control. So, we began judging our performance based on the effort we put towards getting people dancing, and as long as we did everything within our control to achieve what we commit to, we came out winners. We would say we were "MAXED OUT", and we literally put a percent sign on our company uniforms to serve as the physical reminder of this

We noticed people applying this outlook off the dance floor, and over time, we were constantly hearing incredible stories on how judging things based on effort, rather than the current results of their effort, was inspiring them. Many would even ask to purchase our company uniforms to wear while engaging in those things they commit to, and we were constantly giving those uniforms away. It was like our percent sign became more than a reminder - it was proof of their effort! 

After loads of encouragement from many of those people, MAXED OUT officially became a standalone brand where we plan to continue inspiring people through our symbol and messaging. Our dream is for our community to be MAXED OUT on the outside, inside, and everywhere in-between. We’re starting out “on the outside" with performance grade technical apparel and accessories, making it easy for us to join the journey as you COMMIT TO SOMETHING® using effort as the performance measure! Shop now


Our Vision:

1.  Build a community of people who #winwitheffort! Whether you commit to something big, small, fun, or serious, we encourage you to share your journey with others, helping you stay accountable while inspiring others who are following and/or listening along the way!   

2.  Manufacture every product to the MAXED OUT standard! Our materials are functional. Our designs are well thought out and well put together. We create our own products from scratch, so we have full control over what we make and how it is made.

This is why your feedback is important to us! We want to know what you think we should change or update on our current offerings, what you want us to produce in the future, and how you are using the brand to COMMIT TO SOMETHING® in your life. Share your stories with us so we can inspire our community with them. @maxedoutbrand #committosomething #winwitheffort #representthepercent #maxedout