As you know, we're all about the effort! It's the variable you control when setting a goal, and we believe it reflects the real work you've put in - or haven't put in. 

As such, we created this physical reminder to help you track your effort, totaling 66 days/times. Doing something once, great. Doing it 21 times, also great. To truly build a habit though, according to research, it takes 66 days/times on average, and that requires true commitment!

So, we CHALLENGE you to do something, anything, 66 days/times and prove how you #winwitheffortWhether you commit to something big, small, fun, or serious, we’re encouraging you to share your journey with others, helping you stay accountable while also inspiring others who are following and/or listening along the way. At least see where you can get - one day/time is better than none! 

By starting, you’ll be entered into a drawing for an awesome giveaway (takes place on the 1st of every month) AND you‘ll receive a special discount off your next order once you complete the tracker (you earned it)! Instructions are on the back of your tracker as well as on this product page; you’ll be entered once for starting and once for completing!

If you aren't able to order one but want to join the challenge, print out the product picture with the "white" circles and fill them in as you go! Good luck! 

All orders come with one (1) EFFORT TRACKER.

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